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In my avatar as a speaker, I address leaders and instill in them the moonshot style of thinking to foster innovative business practices in their organizations. I speak widely on the topic of storytelling, specifically the vital role that stories play in our personal and professional lives. My experience in this area dates back to my time at Intel (1987-99) where I harnessed the power of storytelling to help the IT giant transform from a chip company to a leader in the computing industry through programs like Intel Inside. Over the years, I have spoken at global conferences such as TED, DLD, and WIRED; and have hosted over ten major INK events across Asia.

The India the world hasn’t met

India is a land of paradoxes as well as of potential and possibilities. But the world doesn’t know the full story of the latter reflected in innovative ideas of Indian youth

While living in the US for three decades, I saw how the world viewed India in a lopsided manner. I moved back to start a company that showcases these game-changers who make the country thrive.

Learning outcomes: Through case-studies of some game-changers, you will learn about the “jugaad” mindset in varied disciplines ranging from technology to art to social change. And through these young innovators, you will meet India in its true spirit.

How to tell stories that connect, stick, and stir

Essentially, all of us are selling our products/services, company’s accomplishments, or personal profiles. But now, marketing has moved from aggressive selling to subtle storytelling. It is proven that well-told stories connect to emotions, are memorable, and create the desired impact.

At Intel, I helped transform the chip company into a leader in the computing industry through programs like Intel Inside by employing the power of storytelling. Currently, as a story-curator at INK, I enable undiscovered game-changers to tell their stories effectively.

Learning outcomes: I offer this module as a talk as well as a workshop. On the other side of it, you will emerge as a leader who incorporates the tenets of compelling storytelling like focus, authenticity, and succinctness in your personal and professional life.

Billionaires of moments

At the end of life, you will not remember the billions of dollars earned. You will only remember the moments that took your breath away. In this talk, I urge leaders to redefine their metric of success in collecting and treasuring breathtaking moments in order to become a Billionaire of Moments. Plus, I also share a secret to achieving this milestone quicker: Surround yourself with Billionaires of Moments!

Having been a corporate executive and a venture capitalist, I also chased the conventional measure of success only to realize that true joy lies in building a multi-disciplinary community (at INK) of Billionaires of Moments.

Learning outcomes: This talk will set you on the path of thinking about your life purpose. It will also teach you how you can build a diverse network that supports you.

Women at Work

This talk is not about the effects of gender diversity on productivity nor is it about gender stereotypes at work. It is an edutaining take on how to navigate the workplace during different stages of a woman’s life by incorporating a yearning for learning, a sense of humor, and an unconventional perspective.

A large part of my studies and career were in STEM domains. Thereafter, I was a venture capitalist and am currently an entrepreneur: two more fields where women are under-represented. But I took this journey in my stride by employing some tools that I share with you in this talk.

Learning outcomes: Till the world becomes an equal place, you will learn how to deal with unfair episodes in your personal and professional lives by looking at them with a learning mindset, humor, and out-of-the-box attitude.

By the time I gave this talk, I had worked at Intel for a dozen years, raised funds for noble causes, brought TED to India, and started my own INK conference. Having been there, done that; my concept about success had become clear. Learn what I call the true SPA in this talk specially for women!

At the leading American retail corporation, I shared the power of networking through my journey from the US to India.

I spoke at AT Kearney, Mumbai, on International Women's Day 2020.

Here, I introduce you to some innovative young men and women of India: a tribe that made me move back to the country from the US.

I gave this talk at the esteemed academic institution where I spoke about the impact of telling one’s story at the right stage and my related mission of disseminating the holistic India story on a global platform.

I spoke at the Young Changemakers Conclave, Mumbai in 2018 on Reimagination.

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